My sculpture is about both addition and subtraction, but always with the theme of surface. The outdoor works have a detailed surface of marks and color. The wood pieces are enhanced with burning while allowing the natural textures to shine through. My sculptures make heavy references to the human form and implied movement. All of my work has an influence of the surrealist art movement. I have a great interest in the sub-conscious and dreams, and much of my current work comes straight from my dreams. I Saw It In a Dream is a good example, as I literally saw this piece in a dream. Inner Horizon is another sculpture that I saw in a dream. The drawing shows what this piece will look like upon completion. The common themes of my work are transition, dreams and spirituality.

I Saw It In a DreamInner HorizonShe Sells Sea Shells


Cherry Bench with SteelMy furniture is about the honest use of materials, allowing their true nature to shine while producing the finest craft possible. I search for the discarded pieces of wood and steel and reshape them into useful art objects. I am capable of producing anything that a client might need.





HaloclineMy paintings are a quest to take the mundane images of pop culture and elevate them to a surreal level. I create with a process of making collage from magazine images then reinterpret them through the painting process, allowing my sub-conscious to influence the final product. Halocline is a great example. The collage was pictures of crystal swans that are connected by a teapot spout. Through the painting process they became one object passing through a portal or condenser and flowing out transformed into something else. Then I had a dream with the light emanating in the background. For me this is about spiritual transformation, the act of being reborn after the trials and tests of life.